Artist Statement

Painting marine lives and their habitation has been my major subject and focus for the past seventeen (17) years, with consistency of fishes reflecting in all my paintings. As an artist, I wanted to paint on a subject matter not commonly treated by other artists in my region and the world at large.

This got me into the oceans and its inhabitants after much deliberation. Knowing that all subject matter, when it comes to painting, has being treated before, I thought it wise to imagine myself living in a shark’s eye, to have a good view of the oceans and its inhabitants.

My paintings were totally abstract in the beginning, till I came closer to the fishes by imagining myself living in the shark’s eyes. With time, these painting have evolved dramatically into something that engages my whole attention.

The inspirational movement behind shoals of fish when they are on their own, in motion or being persuaded and attacked could have never been captured in my paintings without the experience of living in the the shark's eyes.

With this as my main source of inspiration and focus, I have been able to paint the shoals of fish movements in varying colours, in blues, reds, yellows, oranges, greens, browns, and greys. I am currently painting them with turquoise colours in oils and acrylics on large scale canvases.

Painting on the symbolism of the fish has earned me the accolade, FISHMAN, by clients and admirers alike. I try to finish these paintings with much effort and energy, imagining living with them, thereby, bringing into the paintings a spin, turn, push, spiral and tunnel movement and making sure every fish in the painting has an eye.

My titles capture the daily lives of the fishes as in comparison with other lives, and making sure they carry a message for their being part of nature and our existence, too.

As these paintings of mine reflect on the oceans and its inhabitants, they carry a message of our obligation to care for them.

Saving the seas is one of the strong messages which cuts across my titling. Bringing these paintings to all mankind is my ultimate goal and contribution to the environment.

Thus, I have by this far taken the privilege and opportunity to spread such messages by giving art lessons to both children and adults to paint on the marine lives and also contributing my quota to the preservation of the environment and the upkeep of mankind in general.

My paintings speak volumes not only for me and my audience but for the inhabitants of the oceans which have long been forgotten, had it not been the effort put in by other ocean lovers, organisations and preservation of endangered species. I do not want future generations to come to see current endangered species in the oceans only in pictures, as we know the dinosaurs only in pictures today.

‘’When the last fish dies, the last man dies”

Kobina Nyarko (Fishman 2016)